Our Origin Story

Explorations Early Learning started out back in 2003 as the name of the family child care program Jeff and Tasha Johnson started after burning out and quitting director’s jobs at a large non-profit child care center they’d worked at for over 16 years. Over the years, their work has evolved, but the name has stayed the same.

Gigs as an unpaid speaker led to paid speaking gigs. Paid speaking gigs led to books. Books led to more speaking gigs. All of the books and gigs led to time making toys, podcasting, and writing. They closed the family child care program in 2013 to focus on making toys, creating and curating early learning content, and working with interesting/fun people on fun/interesting projects.

The current focus is on creating and curating early learning content and building online learning opportunities for caregivers and parents

Our Staff

Jeff A Johnson

From DIY articles,to podcasts, to online trainings, Jeff is dedicated to creating and curating early learning content for parents and caregivers.

Tasha Johnson

Tasha is the anchor that keeps Jeff form floating away and the glue that holds everything together. From helping create and curate content to fixing Jeff’s spelling errors, she is a huge part of everything that happens at Explorations Early Learning.