Building Better Block Play Part 1

Building Better Block Play Part 1 Conclusion

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There are 7 stages of block play:

  1. Carrying & Exploring
  2. Forming Rows & Stacks
  3. Bridging Space
  4. Creating Enclosures
  5. Balanced & Decorative Patterns
  6. Naming Structures
  7. Building Representations

We can support block play by creating an environment responsive to children’s physical and emotional needs. It’s helpful to step back and reflect on our methods and make changes as needed.

Items from these categories will enhance block play:

  • Measuring Tools
  • Writing Materials
  • Containers
  • Dramatic Play Props
  • Tape

Block play is also improved when children have more:

  • Blocks
  • Time For Block Play
  • Space For Block Play


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