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At the Benefactor Membership level, you pick your own monthly or annual membership rate and are charged that amount at signup and each month thereafter. You can cancel at any time.

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From: $35.00 / month

Benefactor Membership Benefits

  • Automatic 100% discount for two people on all live on-line trainings, self-paced on-demand trainings, and digital downloads here at Explorations Early Learning
  • Benefactors receive credit for 15 minutes of consulting time each month; this time accumulates until used and can be used on activities that support play, defend childhood, or empower caregivers in virtually any way the benefactor sees fit (Examples include–but are not limited to–private live on-line training events, one-on-one or small-group coaching, assistance with creating or revising program policies, help with managing or setting up a play environment, and educating parents about play)
  • Early access to new podcast episodes via our Patrons Only RSS feed
  • Access to a private and searchable archive of our 1700+ early learning podcast episodes
  • Thanked as a Benefactor at the end of Playvolution HQ blog posts
  • Priority support for all things Explorations Early Learning and Playvolution HQ
  • Be it new training topics suggestions or blog post ideas, Benefactors have influence over the direction of things at Explorations Early Learning and Playvolution HQ
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