Building Better Block Play Part 3



In the Building Better Block Play Part 3 on-demand session, we look at lots of DIY wooden block ideas, construction set ideas, and more ideas for supporting The CRASH as well as block care, block area organization, and more.


Attendees will:

  • Leave the session with ideas for making DIY wooden blocks.
  • Reflect on inspiring block play and block area organization.
  • Acquire ideas for block area constriction sets.

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  • 2 Hours

Core Knowledge Area

  • Planning Learning Experiences And Curriculum (NE)
  • Curriculum Or Program Design (IL)

CDA Subject Area

  • Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development

Content Level

  • Introductory/Intermediate 


  • Jeff A Johnson


United States

  • NEBRASKA | This is an approved Nebraska Department Of Education Office Of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE In-Service Training
  • ILLINOIS | This is an Illinois Gateways To Opportunity Registry Approved Training


  • British Columbia | Explorations Early Learning was told that in BC, “professional development is assessed on a case by case basis after the workshop has been completed and the certificate has been received.” Our certificates contain all the information required for approval and our sessions cover topics that are traditionally approved.


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