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Why Sensory Processing

Join Occupational Therapist Bonnie Berry to discover why all the fuss about sensory processing!

(Inspired EC, our Australian training partner, hosts this on-demand session. You’ll be redirected to their site for more information and registration. Pricing is approximate since the exchange rate varies.)


Have you heard the term “sensory processing” and wondered what it’s all about and why it matters? This is the course for YOU!

Are you supporting children who are “struggling”? Maybe they are displaying aggressive behaviours, or finding it difficult to cope with change, or they bounce from one thing to another, or they are having difficulty with their motor skills.

We all have children, at various times who appear to be struggling. When we can look beyond what we see on the outside and begin to look at the sensory implications, a whole new story may begin to emerge, and our way of supporting these children will evolve too.

This is the first course in a suite that we are putting together, developed and delivered by occupational therapist Bonnie Berry. In this first course, Bonnie introduces educators to the importance of Sensory Processing.