Attending A Session
Booking A Session

How do I join a session?

You’ll find details for joining a session and more about the ZOOM meeting platform in this FAQ.

Will the session ‘count’ as professional development in my area?

All our sessions qualify as approved Nebraska Department Of Education Office Of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE In-Service Training.

Beyond that, since the requirements for in-service training approval varies from location to location, you’ll need to check with someone in your area to determine if our sessions count.

As time allows we will work to gain approvals in more locations, but it is a slow and time consuming process.

You can reach out to discuss the topic more, if you like.

What’s the basic session format?

It will vary a bit from session to session, but the basic format is an introduction followed by presentation. Questions and conversation are welcome via microphone and chat messages throughout the session.

Participants are also encouraged to share specific questions they may have on the session’s topic via a chat message before the session starts so they can be addressed in the session.

How do I get a certificate?

As sessions wrap up, we share a session evaluation link in the chat. After submitting a completed evaluation you’ll receive a email with a personalized certificate in PDF format attached.

Can I see a sample certificate?

Sure. While the design may change, the certificates we issue will contain the same basic information.

What do you charge for a live online training?

The cost for live online trainings varies based on session length, time, and demand. A session up to one hour in length scheduled Monday-Friday starts at $500. Weekend and evening sessions may be more expensive because they are more in demand.

Contact if you have questions.

What online meeting platform do you use?

We us the ZOOM online meeting platform. We’ve used lots of platforms over the years. We’ve been with ZOOM a few years now and it is the most versatile and reliable platform we’ve used.

Can you provide an overview of how an online training works?

Sure, here’s a graphic we put together that helps explain it:

Here’s a look at some of the capabilities the combination of our studio and the ZOOM meeting platform offer:

  • Because there’s plenty of space in the studio, Jeff’s not forced to present from behind a desk like many online trainers. He’s up and moving around just like at an in person making presentations more dynamic and engaging.
  • The studio is equipped with two webcams so different angles can be shared when required.
  • ZOOM allows attendees to share their video feeds. This makes sessions feel more like in person interactions.
  • Beyond facial expressions, attendees can communicate with Jeff during sessions via their device’s microphone or the ZOOM chat box.
  • ZOOM allows Jeff to share slides, photos, video, audio clips, and more during presentations if they are called for.

(Please note the above was written over a year before the C19 virus made ZOOM such a big part of many people’s lives)

So, we could bring you to our conference live via the internet?

Yes. If your venue has a good internet connection, a large screen, and some very basic computer gear they can pipe me in via the web. This a much more cost effective option than bringing me in live.

What are some of the benefits of live on-line learning sessions?

Benefits include:

  • Cost. Across the board, online events are more affordable to host and attend.
  • Flexibility. Online events are easy to customize and allow attendees a lot of autonomy. For example, events can be scheduled at attendee-friendly times, attendees can participate from the comfort of their own homes, and everyone is responsible for their own care during the event–no more hassles about the venue, menu, or room temperature.
  • Opportunity. Online events make it easier to bring a wider variety of training topics to parents and caregivers in remote locations where training options are traditionally limited.
  • Hassle. Attendees don’t have to arrange babysitters or fight traffic, organizers can avoid the busywork surrounding room setup, and presenters avoid the headaches of travel. 
  • Followup. After a traditional live event, everyone kinda goes their own way. After an online event, there are built in opportunities to provide followup support via online groups, email, and digital resources that benefit attendees in changing their practice.
  • Green. Online trainings have a much smaller carbon footprint than in person events. Not only am I not driving or flying a long distance to get to the event, in many online learning scenarios the attendees are not commuting to the event either.

How long are online sessions?

Our recommendation is to keep individual sessions to no more than an hour in length. Even in person it is hard for us humans to sit still and be focused for long periods of time and we’ve found it is even more challenging when on-line.

With that in mind, bigger topics can be broken into multiple shorter sessions. The added benefit is that this also allows participants reflection time between sessions.

When can sessions occur?

We can present live online sessions pretty much any time that fits your needs. From our central time zone location in Iowa, we’re comfortable starting sessions from as early as 4:00AM to as late as 11:00 PM–which allows us to go live across most of the globe at participant-friendly times.

Can sessions be recorded?

Yes, they can. There are a few ways we can do this. If it is something you’re interested in, mention it when you contact us and we can talk details.

What experience do you have with online trainings?

We’ve presented online in a number of formats for over 10 years.

Why are you offering online trainings?

We’re offering online learning sessions for a number of reasons:

  • Budgetary limitations prevent some organizations from booking our in person conference presentations. Online trainings are an affordable alternative.
  • There are lots of Training Deserts where training variety and availability is limited. Online trainings can bring our trainings to these areas.
  • For a number of years we were away from home for around 6 months a year doing presentations. The travel side of things was sucking the joy out of the work. Online trainings allow us to spend more time at home while still doing (and loving) what we enjoy.

How many people can participate in a session?

We’re currently set up to accommodate 100 logins to a session and it is possible for more than one person to view a session from a location.

If need be, it’s possible to expand the capacity for an additional charge.

Are training certificates provided after online sessions?

Explorations Early Learning provides certificates for sessions we sponsor. When another organization sponsors the training, the certificate may be available from Explorations Early Learning or the sponsoring organization.

In some cases (usually free sessions) certificates may not be offered.

It is the attendees responsibility to determine if the certificates we issue meet in-service professional development training requirements in their area.

When Explorations Early Learning is in charge of issuing certificates, we will email them in PDF form to attendees who both signed in to the session and completed the post session evaluation.

Can I see a sample certificate?

Sure. While the design may change, the certificates we issue will contain the same basic information.