Jeff’s first early learning conference presentation was in October of 2000. He was terrified, but it went better than he expected. After a year or so of volunteering to present every chance he got, someone asked what his fee was to do a keynote.

Since then, thanks to kind word-of-mouth recommendations, he’s been lucky enough to present across the United States, Canada, and Australia–and he even had the honor of keynoting an event in Ireland.

Jeff’s presentations focus on two main themes: play and caregiver self-care. ‚Äč Described by attendees as humorous, entertaining, passionate, and thought provoking, Jeff’s sessions are packed with stories and observations from 26 years as a caregiver.

Online Trainings

Jeff’s been delivering trainings online for nearly a decade. Over the last couple years, he has focused more on this type of training. There are many benefits to such trainings. For example, they’re:

  • Affordable. Since I don’t have to leave the house and deal with airports, hotels, and other travel headaches, I’m able to offer my services for a much more affordable rate. In many instances, it saves attendees money too since they can log on from home and avoid the costs of travel, hotels, and meals.
  • Convenient. Since attendees can log in from their own devices from anyplace with a strong internet connection, these sessions are much more convenient than traditional trainings. They do away with headaches like arranging child care, commuting to the event, finding parking, etc. Online session can also be scheduled at attendee-friendly times–they don’t have to gobble up most of a Saturday like many traditional trainings.
  • Flexible. Because these trainings happen online, they are very flexible. For example, there’s virtually no limit on group size, event dates are not dependent on the availability of physical-world venues, they rarely need to be rescheduled due to bad weather, and if they do that process is much easier than rescheduling a live and in person event.

We currently offer some online sessions underwritten by Explorations Early Learning Toys for a very affordable price. In addition to this, we’ve partnered with Inspired EC in Australia on monthly events and are also presenting a series of monthly trainings for the Eastern Washington Family Child Care Association.

To learn more about online trainings, check out the FAQ page or contact us.

In Person Trainings

From single keynotes to all day events, the in person training format is the tried and true go-to delivery system for early learning in-service and continuing education. As mentioned above, Jeff’s been presenting at such events for nearly 20 years. There’s nothing better than talking with groups of caregivers and parents about play and self-care live and in person.

That said, after years of spending nearly six months a year on the road presenting, dealing with airports, hotels, and other travel headaches were taking their toll. Because of this, Jeff’s drastically cut back on the number of in person events he does each year.

To learn more about in person trainings, check out the FAQ page or contact us.

Asynchronous Trainings

In an Asynchronous training, participants don’t have to participate at the same time.

For example, picture a weeks-long online discussion where a trainer posts pre-recorded video clips as well as related links, questions, and other content that participants consume and respond to as time allows. Everyone taking part–on their own schedule.

It’s hard for some states to issue a training certificate for such a training because it doesn’t fit into their mold, but we’ve found asynchronous sessions to be a good fit for people’s busy lives and way of learning.

These sessions are not only schedule-friendly, they offer more time to reflect, build a sense of community among the participants, and support the implementation of new practices.

We’ve not done a lot of this type of trainings, but are eager to work with groups who see the value in this slower, more reflective format.

To learn more about asynchronous trainings, check out the FAQ page or contact us.

Hybrid Trainings

We are always eager and willing to work with groups on hybrid trainings to best meet the needs of their attendees. For example:

  • Following up an live online or in person training with access to a private asynchronous discussion area where I can work with attendees on implementing new ideas and sharing additional information.
  • Offering a series of short live online sessions leading up to a in person event.
  • Hosting a series of asynchronous discussions in preparation for a live in person or online training.

Our experience is that hybrid events help fine tune trainings to the needs of the attendees, support implementation of new ideas, build supportive relationships among attendees, and allow attendees to reflect and get comfortable with new ideas.

To learn more about hybrid trainings, check out the FAQ page or contact us.

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