Do It Yourself Block Ideas


This session offers up lots of ideas for inexpensive do it yourself blocks made from simple, affordable, and readily available materials. We also discuss the value of child involvement in making blocks and how DIY blocks spice up traditional block play spaces.


  • The pricing for this session is in Australian Dollars. $24.00 AUD is approximately $18-$20 USD although the exchange rate varies.
  • This session is offered though a partnership between Explorations Early Learning and Inspired EC of Australia. Clicking Register will redirect your to the session’s listing on the Inspired EC website since they are handling registration.
  • The session qualifies as approved Nebraska Department Of Education Office Of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE In-Service Training


Learning Goals

Attendees will:

  • Leave with lots of ideas for blocks they can make with and for children
  • Understand the value of involving children in making these blocks
  • Understand how DIY blocks add interest and novelty to block play

Competency Areas

Planning Learning Experiences And Curriculum


60 Minutes


November 23, 2021


  • 7:00 PM Atlantic Time
  • 6:00 PM Eastern Time
  • 5:00 PM Central Time
  • 4:00 PM Mountain Time
  • 3:00 PM Pacific Time
  • 10:00 AM November 24, 2021 AEST