The Seven Stages Of Block Play


Nearly 100 years ago a pioneering early learning caregiver and researcher observed 7 distinct stages of play children progress through as they engage with blocks. This session takes a look at that researcher, the stages she observed, and what you can do to better support children and the move through each stage.


  • The pricing for this session is in Australian Dollars. $24.00 AUD is approximately $18-$20 USD although the exchange rate varies.
  • This session is offered though a partnership between Explorations Early Learning and Inspired EC of Australia. Clicking Register will redirect your to the session’s listing on the Inspired EC website since they are handling registration.
  • The session qualifies as approved Nebraska Department Of Education Office Of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE In-Service Training


Learning Goals

Attendees will:

  • Learn about Harriet Johnson and her contributions to early learning
  • Understand the 7 stages of block play
  • Leave with ideas for supporting play in each of the 7 stages

Competency Areas

Planning Learning Experiences And Curriculum


60 Minutes


March 16, 2021


  • 8:00 PM Atlantic Time
  • 7:00 PM Eastern Time
  • 6:00 PM Central Time
  • 5:00 PM Mountain Time
  • 4:00 PM Pacific Time
  • 10:00 AM March 17, 2021 AEST