Discussing Behavior With Families



The idea of conversing with parents about children’s behavior can be scary because parents often feel judged and defensive. How do we have conversations with families about behavior that build and strengthen the care partnership? Are all these challenging conversations necessary? What is our responsibility? In this session, we’ll explore these questions together.


Attendees will:

  • Understand how to more effectively engage with parents concerning a child’s behavior.
  • Understand the caregivers responsibilities when it comes to discussing children’s behaviors.
  • Understand how discussions about behavior can build parent-caregiver relationships.

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Note: This session is based on a live online training recorded June 24, 2020 with Heather Bernt-Santy


1.25 Hours

Core Knowledge Area
Relationships And Social Emotional Guidance

Content Level


Heather Bernt-Santy And Jeff A Johnson


This session qualifies as approved Nebraska Department Of Education Office Of Early Childhood Automatically Accepted ECE In-Service Training


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