Training Navigation Tips


The following article contains basic info and tips for navigating our live and on-demand web-based trainings.

Training navigation is pretty simple, but this short picture-rich article should help those who need a bit of assistance.

If you still require support after reviewing this post, please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Accessing A Training

After registering, you’ll receive an email saying that your order is complete. Clicking the Training Dashboard link takes you to the Enrolled Courses page of your training dashboard. From there, you can click a session’s Start Learning tab to go to that training. You must be logged in for this page to display correctly.

screenshot 2022.09.25 21 58 14
Click Start Course to visit the training’s landing page

You can also access trainings for which you’ve registered by click the Training Dashboard menu option at and then clicking the Enrolled Courses.

screenshot 2022.06.24 09 22 18
Access trainings via the training dashboard if you’re signed in to the site

For things to work properly, you must be logged in to the Explorations Early Learning website with your email address and password.

Common Errors

Over the last few years, I’ve kept track of problems people have had accessing trainings. By far, the most common are:

  • Mistyping their email address when they register for a training. When this happens, the above-mentioned email doesn’t make it to their inbox, and they are unable to log on to the site. If this happens to you, contact me with the correct email address, and I’ll get it fixed.
  • Mistyping or misremembering their password. This makes logging in to the site impossible. If you forget your password, you can always reset it here.

Landing Page Basics

The appearance of the training’s landing page will vary based on the type of device you’re using. On laptops, desktops, and horizontally oriented tablets, it will look something like this:

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 41 38
The training landing page view for laptops, desktops, and horizontally oriented tablets

On the left, you’ll see the training navigation menu and on the right you’ll see content. For example, in the below image, you can see the Pre-Training Survey that’s a part of all live sessions.

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 43 23
Navigation on the left, training content on the right

On phones and vertically oriented tablets, the content is split into two screens–a training navigation screen and a training content screen. The first image below show the content screen. The next image shows the training navigation screen.

You’ll need to toggle between the training content and training navigation view. We’ll go over how to toggle in a bit.

The Navigation Menu

First, let’s look at the training navigation menu. This menu is the same for all live trainings. It contains the following content:

  • A Getting Started section with details about the training and other helpful information
  • A Pre-Training Survey that helps with planning future trainings and allows me to fine tune sessions to best meet the needs of the people who have enrolled
  • A section for accessing the live ZOOM meeting
  • A Training Evaluation Section with an evaluation you can complete to obtain a training certificate
  • A Resource Page Section with useful links related to the training

The above image shows an example of the training navigation screen for a live event.

For self-paced on-demand trainings, training navigation is more detailed. The menu will have a number of lessons and quizzes organized into sections. Here’s an example:

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 50 52
On-demand training navigation on a phone and vertically oriented tablet

Toggle Views On A Phone

To toggle from course content to the navigation menu on a phone (or vertically oriented tablet), simply click the icon on the screen’s upper right corner.

Click the icon to view the navigation menu

To navigate from the navigation menu, shown below, back to the course content, just click the X icon.

Click Start Course to visit the training’s landing page

Navigating Lessons

Navigating the training’s content is simple. On the navigation screen:

  • Click the > to expand a section
  • Click the ^ to minimize a section
  • Click the name of a lesson or quiz to jump to that content

For example, clicking on ‘The Play Space’ in the training pictured below would open that lesson. Which, as you see in the blue box, is 13 minutes and 9 seconds long.

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 51 26
A few clicks will get you where you want to be

Locked Content

In some cases, content will be locked. For example, in the training the below screenshot is from the evaluation and resource page remain locked until the session’s quizzes are completed. After all the quizzes are done, the lock icons disappear and the links to those bits of content work.

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 45 28
Click Start Course to visit the training’s landing page

Content Icons

Awareness of a couple more icons may prove helpful. The document icon below indicates that the lesson about Storage is text-based. The play button icon indicates the Mess Management lesson is a video, and the question mark icons denote quizzes.

screenshot 2022.06.24 08 52 37
Click Start Course to visit the training’s landing page


I hope this overview made sense and makes you feel a bit more comfortable with the platform. I recommend clicking around and playing with the interface–that’s the best way to get comfortable. And don’t forget, you can always reach out for support if you have questions or run into problems.