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Explorations Early Learning

4 Important Things To Know

I’ve Been Doing This For A Long Time

I’ve been providing professional development to early learning professionals for over 20 years across the United States, Canada, Australia, and online. In 2018, I decided to do fewer in-person events and focus on online learning options. Learn more about me and my journey here.

Sessions Focus On Play, DIY Ideas, And Caregiver Self-Care

I currently offer 40 training topics and tend to add a few each year. Find session titles and descriptions here. I provide training on this site and book private events for groups and organizations. See the FAQs page to learn more.

Attendee Participation Is Expected

Attendees are expected to participate in training events and be fully present. This includes logging on before the session starts, ‘signing in’ via the chatbox, turning on their video feed, asking questions, and taking part in discussions.

Implementation Is Important

Attending training is easy. Implementing new ideas is challenging. I’m available to help. There are numerous resources available on my resource website, Playvolution HQ. You can always reach out if you need assistance or additional information.

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