Explorations Early Learning’s Mission

Explorations Early Learning is in the business of promoting play, defending childhood, and empowering caregivers.

We advocate relentlessly for REAL play.

Real play is vital for the well-being of children and adults. For children, it’s increasingly replaced by play-like activity and adult-driven busy work. For adults, hectic schedules and the general busyness of life leave little time for it. Through the training sessions offered here, as well as through the content we create and curate at Playvolution HQ, we work to help bring more play into the lives of children and adults.

We work to slow the rush through childhood.

In addition to the loss of play in their daily lives, children are over-scheduled, pushed towards formal academics before they are developmentally ready, and generally hurried through their childhoods. It’s as if the job of two-year-olds is to zip to being three, and the jobs of three-year-olds is to rush on to being four. It’s developmentally inappropriate, unethical, and immoral. The trainings offered on this site and our collection of early learning resources at Playvolution HQ are intended to help slow that rush.

We create useful resources and offer support for caregivers.

Supporting children’s growth and development can be challenging work for both professional caregivers and parents. Via the trainings here at Explorations Early Learning and the content we create and curate at Playvolution HQ we help adults who live and work with children stay informed, hone their skills, and make time for self-care.

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