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Explorations Early Learning is dedicated to promoting play, defending childhood, and empowering caregivers through trainings, toys, podcasts, and our Playvolution HQ blog. Check our about and mission pages to learn more about who we are and why we do what we do.


For nearly 20 years, Jeff has provided passionate, humorous, and engaging early learning trainings focusing on play and caregiver self-care across the United States, Canada, and Australia.


snap blocks

After our books, Do It Yourself Early Learning and Everyday Early Learning came out, some training attendees explained they did not want to do it themselves and asked that we start making toys.

We now have a growing collection of low-tech toys that support high-think play as well as classroom accessories, posters, and T shirts available at our Explorations Early Learning Toys webshop.



Since the Child Care Bar And Grill podcast premiered in early 2013, we’ve hosted and produced many early learning focused podcasts listened to by caregivers and parents around the world.

Our shows feature hosts like Lisa Murphy, Heather Shumaker, Mike Huber, and Dan Hodgins. Current shows are available via your favorite podcast player. All episodes of current and past shows live on the Playvolution HQ blog site.

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We founded the Playvolution HQ Blog as a place to curate and create early learning content for caregivers and parents.

The ever-growing collection is fully searchable and includes over 2400 early learning quotes, 1400 podcast episodes, book recommendations, free forms and handouts, and more.

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