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Explorations Early Learning

Training Topics


You’ll find all 40 of my current training topics here with their descriptions, learning goals, and other pertinent details. I’ve broken them down into 7 subcategories, although many could fit into multiple categories. To see session details, click any of the following images. You can also use this search box to search topics:

These sessions are offered via Zoom here at Explorations Early Learning and can be booked by organizations for online or in-person presentations. Reach out if you have questions about a session.

New In 2024

These shiny new trainings are coming in 2024.

Self-Care And Relationships

These training topics focus on self-care, relationships, and emotional environments.

Do It Yourself Ideas

These trainings offer lots of easy, kid-approved, and affordable do-it-yourself ideas.

Play Spaces

These training topics look at creating child-led play spaces.

Understanding Play

These trainings dive deep into child-led play theory and look at ways to support and advocate for it.

Power Play

These trainings look at ways to support children in feeling powerful, capable, and in control.


These training topics look at playfully supporting STEM learning.

2024 Training Topic PDF

You can download an easy-to-share PDF with all 40 session titles and descriptions here:

Visit Playvolution HQ for a copious collection of resources that support child-led play.