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Establishing A Tinkering Space

Thanks for taking part in this training.

We know that making changes to your early learning environment can be challenging and want to do everything we can to support your effort. Below are links to related resources you may find helpful.

You may also like this Play Environment Action Plan form we put together–it’s designed to help you meet goals you set for changing your play space.

If you have questions, comments, or need support, you can reach out below in the comments or contact Jeff privately.

Session Resources

Here are links with resources related to this training:

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  1. I enjoyed learning about tinkering. What stuck with me was when Jeff said that kids need to have a million well spoken words in their first 5 years of life. And what I’ve noticed in these past years of working in a pre-school classroom is that kids more often come to us with very little or no language at all. Like he said they need to have more opportunities for conversations instead of using screens all the time.

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